ultimate dubs

The 2019 Show Season Opener - Ultimate Dubs.

Ultimate Dubs has been the long standing opening event of the U.K’s modified car scene season, known just as strongly for it’s Saturday night antics each year when car enthusiasts descend on Telford International Centre for the weekend. It also an opportunity to see what everyone has been working on over winter since the season finale, Ultimate Stance.

Walking around the show, this year hosts a variety of cars from the U.K. car scene and beyond. A head turner in it’s own right is the Transporter HQ’s VW T6 Flatbed which is something all can appreciate with it’s unique concept and smart execution. For someone who is perhaps not the biggest fan of VW’s of the modern day, this definitely impressed even the most sceptical of visitors.

The brands are out in force too showing their new clothing designs and promoting events across the year. From ESPTR to Slammed UK, there is certainly plenty lined up this year. Alongside this we have brands such as Vibe Audio promoting their services and products in the way of some bass that potentially is to be avoided if you did the ritual night out prior.

Walking further into the show we see a few surprise visitors such as a stunning Escort Cosworth & a Belgian visitor in a stunning Audi A1 . It is definitely a positive seeing more European cars make the trip over to the UK and Vice Versa. We also see some familiar faces such as Reece’s E30 & Jemima’s Polo, which both prove sometimes it’s good to stick with what works as it often continues to do so.

Although many of the cars here haven’t changed much over the course of winter, a couple have. Boy have they done it well. Charlie Dunn’s RS4’s new colour was finally revealed to be a stunning addition to the 2019 calendar. Seeing something so unique but yet well executed is always worthy of appreciation. Andy’s Liberty Walk M4 also makes a welcome return with a new friend in the shape of a Mercedes AMG GT-CR. Now if that isn’t reason for applause I don’t know what is.

Heading outside into the car parks always provides some impressive automotive mods too. Never one to disappoint where modifying cars is concerned, Josh’s Civic was attracting the crowds in the blustery conditions. Speaking to him about the car you get the sense of how things should be and used to be within the car scene. Doing things because you want to, not because it gets you into shows. We need more of this.

I just did the civic as a laugh then it actually turned out really good and had a bunch of good feedback from it, mainly because no one has ever done one before which is what I usually look for in buying a car - Josh.

Working your way further through the outdoor selection, you are greeted with the pleasant surprise of Jade’s Audi TT mk3. The wrap on this is executed perfectly and hits the perfect middle ground between standing out and not being overdone. Certainly a pleasant new addition to the 2019 car season. The wrap in Coral Peach Gloss Metallic allows it to look slightly different on ever photo taken of it.

Getting towards the 3/4pm mark, as with most shows, the feet begin to get tired and the ability to find anything new to look at diminishes. The awards are given out and the photographers dash around whilst everyone is distracted. Then it’s time to end the show and begin the queue to get out of the halls and most importantly, find a petrol station.

Having not been to the show for a number of years, it’s hard to say that much has really changed. The mentality of ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ comes to mind, however it may be time for a revamp to be introduced. With ticket prices constantly rising at shows & the cost of visiting them growing, new features and selling points may be needed within the shows to really keep them afloat as a unique event and not just a duplicate of the other 20+ shows either side of them on the calendar.

Having said this, Ultimate Dubs put on a good opener as always.